the inspiration behind phase[0]

phase[0] is an initiative by socially engaged artist Shanta Jethoe, that emerged from a desire to create a safe space where you can just be. After years of suffering from an eating disorder, Shanta has learnt that creativity was her way to connect to herself, her body and surroundings. During her recovery, she looked for a way to build a new relationship with food. This journey reminded her that food contains beauty and that it has the ability to connect.

a unique total concept for creativity and connection

phase[0] is a concept combining several elements that titillate the senses. Here, it’s about enjoyment, relaxation and creativity. Since phase[0] is an organisation that combines multiple elements, it is not an organisation that is easily defined, just as people and art are not simply labelled. That is precisely how phase[0] is meant to be; creative disciplines that intersect and embrace one another in an unconventional and unique business. Its purpose is to have a positive influence on the community and positively contribute to society.

the purpose of phase[0] is to positively contribute to the well-being of individuals

inclusive work environment and destigmatisation mental health

We strive for fair representation of society. Diversity in the workplace is therefore a given. Additionally, we want to create more job opportunities for people struggling with mental health, for example with eating disorders. By focusing more on mental health, we wish to contribute to a beautiful and healthy society. To achieve this, we focus on destigmatisation and creating dialogues. subshape is one of the ways we aim to create change.

(environmental) durability and transparency

At phase[0] we implement locally sourced ingredients in our products as much as possible and work together with local entrepreneurs. This results in flavourful and beautiful products with a clear and transparent story about their development and the origins of the ingredients used. We strive to decrease food waste by limiting production and using eco-friendly packaging.

bringing art closer to people

When carefully taking in your surroundings you will experience that art is everywhere around us. We want to show you that art is universal and, thus, for everybody. Whether it's a delicious pastry, a beautifully made bread or print, all these things were made with care. Through the integration of art within phase[0] we stimulate collaboration with artists while also bringing art closer to you. One of our goals with our platform subshape is to enhance artists’ visibility.

a unique concept for
creativity and connection