at phase[0] we create space for reflection, to take time and connect you to your body

We value craftsmanship. All our products are made from scratch without the addition of baking mixtures, bread improvers or other unnecessary ingredients. In working with seasonal, pure and local ingredients, we guarantee a varied assortment of products.

boulangerie & viennoiserie

For our artisanal sourdough breads we use only essential ingredients: flour, water, salt, homemade sourdough and occasionally a bit of yeast. We use local and French flour, adding to the beauty and flavour of our bread.

Long proofing times (24 to 48 hours) allow for the development of deep and complex flavours. At the same time this proofing process has a beneficial effect on digestion. When the breads have finished proofing, they are baked in stone ovens for a perfect baking result.


Pâtisserie is there to treat yourself and to enjoy life. With an eye for detail we carefully make the most beautiful pâtisserie, using only pure
ingredients without unnecessary additives. Surprising flavour combinations promise a unique experience. Since our assortment changes each season, we invite you to keep discovering new things


Art is everywhere around us, including our products; from the designs on our packaging to the environment we create. We also want to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their art. We are currently hard at work to realise this and to offer workshops and events. To stay updated, keep an eye on our website and social media.

At subshape we delve into the world of mental health, creativity and art and we offer you a platform. Share your story or get inspired. More information on

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